SALS Construction provides a full range of customer-oriented services, executed by experts with extensive experience in design-bid-build operations, project management, and operations & maintenance. Where other construction contractors fail to perform and deliver, SALS continues to bring a level of professionalism and technical expertise. With their vast amount of expertise gained through past experience working with International Governmental/Military and commercial projects, our management team plans on using its unique blend of modern technical proficiency and advanced management skills as leverage to further diversify the company's operations.

SALS partners have completed construction projects domestically, and in high-risk and remote regions throughout the Europe, Asia, Middle East and North African (MENA) Region.

Our construction experience includes:
• Design-Bid-Build
• Site Preparation and Excavation Works
• Air Traffic Control Design and Installation
• Airfield Services
• Project Management Support
• Infrastructure Works
• Quality and Safety Consulting Services
• Oil and Gas Material supplies
• Industrial Building Construction
• Commercial and Institutional Buildings
• New Single/Multifamily Housing Construction
• Residential Villa Construction
• Personnel and Vehicle Security Access/Inspection Entrance Construction
• Roofing
• Fire Arm Range Construction/Lead Mitigation Planning • Munitions Storage Construction
• Steel Works
• Maintenance Services
• Other Civil Works
• Electrical and Mechanical Construction
• Logistic Services

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