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About the Company

Stirling Advanced Logistical Services (SALS) is focused on governmental and security technologies, SALS delivers unrivaled expertise, ingenuity, and reliability across a wide range of capabilities including engineering and integration of products and/or systems, ISR platforms, critical infrastructure security, advanced communication implementations and tactical combat platforms. With our wealth of experience, a dynamic global team, and exceptional record of past performance, we are positioned to exceed customer expectations for the most complex issues and technical challenges in multifaceted environments.

SAL has direct access to an extensive network of leading local subject matter experts. As a vendor-agnostic service and equipment provider, we ensure that our customers receive the most advanced system configuration solutions at the best possible value. Customers benefit from SALS independence, strategic OEM relationships, and vast service provider network.

SALS team has been contracted vast Intelligence, Security, Construction, IT, engineering, and telecom-related contracts for all branches of the armed service and multiple civilian agencies.