Base Operations, Life Support, Logistics and Procurement

Our clients count on us to deliver quality products and services to the Middle East, Africa, and other areas where High-Speed, Low-Drag equipment is a requirement, not an option. In addition, our logistics capabilities and network of reliable global partners help us achieve extraordinary results; we deliver mission critical equipment to places that most people cannot find on a map.

SALS is a full service procurement and logistics company. We specialize in locating and sourcing hard to find equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands of our end users. Our procurement teams handle projects with hundreds of line item requirements, streamlining the purchasing process for our customers and simplifying their job by offering them one point of contact at one company. Life Support: SALS is well adapted and highly capable of providing life support services ranging from initial expeditionary trips too long-term, multi-year program management. From short-term, transient housing to full-service camps or villages, SALS meets all housing, minor medical and life support functions:
• Turnkey Base Camp Construction, Operations, & Management
• Temporary Housing Solutions
• Dining Facility/Catering
• Laundry
• Offices
• Long and Short Term Billeting Solutions
• Fire Protection
• Housekeeping
• Medical Facilities
• Morale, Recreation & Welfare
• General Maintenance
• Potable Water Delivery
• Sewage Removal
• Electricity/Power Supply
• Recreational Facilities
• Local Procurement
• Transportation/Vehicles (Sales, Leasing & Operations)
• Waste Management
• Security
• Communications
• Military Training
• Supply & Transportation Services
• Real Property Control
• Infrastructure Support & Readiness
• Force Protection
• Environmental Protection and Management Services
• Aircraft Maintenance, Operations and Airfield Management
• Standardization, Quality Control and Quality Assurance
• Aero-Medical Evacuation
• HAZMAT/Environmental compliance/Airfield Safety
• Aviation Life Support Equipment
• Air/Side GFE Operators
• Logistics and Material Resources Management
• Transit Accommodation and Passenger Handling

SALS helps diminish the complexities of doing business in regions that are difficult-to-navigate due to remoteness, conflict, political and economic uncertainty or lack of infrastructure. Logistical services include: • Procurement
• In and Out-bound Transportation & Management
• Inventory and Cost Control
• Document Control
• Customs Clearance
• Warehousing
• Materials Handling
• Order Fulfillment
• Overseas Shipping
• In-country Procurement
• In-country Transportation/Shipping

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